I have been working in the field of Community Development for the past 20 years. I have worked internationally and locally with marginalised and vulnerable populations, developing programs that foster community voice and engagement. For many years I worked in prevention education, making spaces for people to talk about difficult topics and creating opportunity for societal change. I am a dedicated community builder, working across differences and across cultures, creating connection with diverse stakeholders.


I am a skilled content and process facilitator with a keen interest in transformational adult learning practices.  I bring together a deep understanding of human dynamic and behaviour, societal issues, and organizational change. I am a warm, empathic and intuitive facilitator who is able to tap into people’s strengths and interest. My background in counselling allows me to listen deeply and help teams work through complex and difficult processes. Susana favourite experiences are working with what most would consider “difficult to engage populations.” This experience means I know how to create fun, engaging, meaningful learning environments that cater to diverse audiences.

I am a visual practitioner using beautiful hand drawn images to deepen understanding, increase engagement, and foster positive communication.

I am originally from El Salvador and have called Canada home since she was 17. I am a lover of world music and can be found enjoying Victoria’s many outdoor music festivals. I am a lifelong learner keen to learn pretty much anything.