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Welcome to Bright light ideas: creative facilitation services

What is creative facilitation? Bright Light Ideas uses innovative facilitation processes and combines them with visual templates and images to create meetings where people are engaged and invited to be active participants.



What's so great about visuals

Visuals allow people to see how all the moving parts fit together. Bright Light Ideas use individual and group activities to help to engage people in a deeper discussion and reflection. The result? New ideas, energized participants, increased understanding, and out of the box thinking.



The fast brain...

Visuals are a powerful way of communicating ideas. In fact, research shows that images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Our visual charts combine eye-catching hand drawn visuals with text. This engages both the left, logical, analytical side of the brain and the right, creative, emotional, and intuitive side of the brain.




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... Susana took the time to really learn about what the project was about and what we wanted a visual to do ...
— Stefanie Hardman, Community Social Planning Council


Hi I'm Susana...

I am a process facilitator and learning designer. I use hand drawn images and interactive tools to deepen understanding, increase engagement, and foster positive communication. My background in counselling and work with vulnerable populations means that I am skilled at holding space for difficult conversations. Creating a safe container where people can truly be vulnerable and honest in order to bring their true selves into the process. 



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