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Working with Susana and Bright Light Ideas has increased the impact of our community-based research. Susana took the time to really learn about what the project was about and what we wanted a visual to do. She asked questions, listened, and made sure she got it right. The process of creation was collaborative, intuitive, and well-considered. She produced an initial draft, and further refined the image based on feedback. It was magical to see the result of our work together; she beautifully translated what we had talked about into a stunning visual.

She was an excellent listener, receptive, and produced great ideas and demonstrated wonderful flexibility about how to visually display information. And she was able to fit a surprising amount of information into an easy-to-navigate and aesthetically-pleasing format! We have been met with such positive reception in displaying the beautiful, colourful image. The information displayed was a result of community-based research and group conversations. Aside from the content information itself, the image demonstrates the dynamism of the conversations – the visual seems conversational, personal, and human in a way that it can be difficult to convey in conventional research reports. The image is also so much more accessible to a variety of people, with different learning styles. I would highly recommend working with Susana!
— Stefanie Hardman, Community Social Planning Council

In my role as Director of Settlement Services for the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS), I had the opportunity to bring Susana, from Bright Light Ideas, to facilitate a strategic planning process in the spring of 2017, to help the VIRCS’ Youth Program complete a strategic plan.

I found that Susana had carefully prepared for this workshop, and quickly was able to engage all participants in a lively conversation. Susana’s facilitation style is very relaxing, confident and result-oriented, and she guided the group in a very respectful and inclusive way, ensuring all participants contributed to the meticulous planning process.

The final result of this process was an excellent strategic plan, with a very clear set of objectives and activities that all team members embraced enthusiastically, and with the added value of having the strategic plan documented in a beautiful, colourful drawing!
— Alvaro Moreno, Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society

Earlier this year, our staff started planning a fundraising project for our non-profit organization and we really had no idea where to begin. It is not always easy to clearly capture or articulate the work we do in the community and Susana helped us to communicate our vision clearly and creatively. I would highly recommend using Susana for creative visual and video projects. Not only did she provide us with high quality and creative results, Susana was a source of support and inspiration throughout the process helping us to turn the vision for our project into a reality. Every step along the way Susana was there to facilitate collaborative discussions to help us achieve our goals for the project. Her contribution extended far beyond the role of providing us with a promotional video for our organization; rather, she facilitated a process of finding our voice for reaching out to our community.
— Nick Sandor, Island Sexual Health Society

From our initial meeting, Susana’s passion, creativity, interpersonal skills and solid knowledge of nonprofit fundraising created a solid foundation for our video project to grow from. Susana asked us poignant and thought provoking questions which provided an obvious and consistent direction. Her superior communication and facilitation skills served as a leading catalyst throughout the process. The information solicited from us was transformed into effective, playful, and engaging visuals.

Our fundraising campaign surpassed its goal and I have no doubt that this was due to Susana’s ability to craft a video for our program which was thoughtful, engaging and sensitive to our organization, our participants and the needs of of donors; not an easy feat. Sexuality education is a incredibly personal and sensitive topic for many and Susana created a video that was accessible and engaging to a wide range of potential donors. Susana was able to balance our message, the sensitivity of the topic with humour and relevance. As a testimony to this, several of our campaign contributors not only took the time to donate because of the video but also provided feedback on how much they enjoyed the video!

We would welcome an opportunity to collaborate with Susanna in the future and encourage others to do the same. Any work done with Susana is a worthwhile investment that will provide your staff, organization and clients an unparalleled creative process and end result.

Susana is a true gift to the world of organizational development, creative direction and graphic facilitation; she’ll inspire and lead your projects with her creativity, humour and unparalleled skills.
— Jennifer Gibson, Island Sexual Health

I have had the privilege of working with Susana at the Victoria Women’s Transition House in our Children Who Witness Abuse program.

Susana took on the task of revamping our Violence is Preventable school presentation, where we cover dating violence, healthy relationships, consent and abuse. Her creativity was evident through the posters and new activities she created, which I have seen help to engage and educate youth in a fun way. Susana has a beautiful way of captivating her audience and holding their attention, even when talking about these challenging and sensitive topics. We have had nothing but positive feedback from these presentations, with both youth and educators asking for return visits.
— Sabrina baines, Victoria Women's Transition House